Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcies / Farmer Bankruptcies

When life takes unexpected turns, many people need to explore whether a discharge of their debts through the bankruptcy laws can be a part of the solution to their financial woes. The Hertzberg Law Firm of Northwest Arkansas, P.A. is ready to assist you in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of going through the bankruptcy process.  Additionally, if you are being hounded by creditors, there is a reasonable chance they have crossed the line and broken federal law.  This can be fixed by asserting your rights under the law.  Congress passed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act many years ago to protect your dignity.

The Hertzberg Law Firm of Arkansas, P.A. is unique among Northwest Arkansas law firms in that it only handles bankruptcy, foreclosure defense and consumer law cases  which assures you of a high level of attention on your case. From the initial consultation to the final discharge, each client will meet with a lawyer,  not a paralegal. Consequently invaluable information is learned even in the first meeting. The firm prides itself in discussing all available options, including options outside of bankruptcy.

When you call or e-mail the Hertzberg Law Firm of Arkansas, P.A., you will be scheduled for a free consultation. Many times that consultation is scheduled for the next day. How is that possible? Again, the Hertzberg Law Firm of Arkansas, P.A. does not handle other types of legal matters which divert attorneys time. Therefore potential  clients receive unparalleled service. The initial consultation usually takes approximately an hour but as much time as necessary will be spent to fully understand your financial affairs.

The Hertzberg Law Firm of Arkansas, P.A. understands that often single parents and families with children have nowhere to leave their children while dad and/or mom meet with a lawyer. That is why the Hertzberg law Firm of Arkansas, P.A. does not object to children in the office.

Understanding that no one has stashed away significant money to pay huge attorneys fees when considering bankruptcy, the Hertzberg Law Firm of Arkansas, P.A. strives to offer sound professional advice and exceptional service at some of the lowest fees in Northwest Arkansas, with flexible payment plans to fit your situation. You owe it to your family not to pay more for bankruptcy representation than is absolutely necessary. The Hertzberg Law Firm of Arkansas, P.A. welcomes clients who desire to meet with more than one attorney (shop around) before deciding which firm should be retained so that the important factors of service, professionalism and cost can be compared. Consumer law cases are often handled on a contingency fee basis.